We were approached by former Bermuda Government Cabinet Minister Dr. Clarence Terceira to produce his memoirs, Tessi's Highway: My Life's Journey. Local journalist Tim Hodgson had already helped Dr. Terceira produce a first draft of the text and we were commissioned to design the book and manage its production.

Editing & Design 

Our initial task was to edit and organise the text into sections and chapters that best suited the narrative of the book. We helped the author and his family select historical images, along with additional research and checking of information, and commissioned local photographer Charles Anderson to photograph the author for the cover.

Images were fine-tuned with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign used for the layout and design of the book in a standard 6x9-inch format. We selected a combination of Minion Pro and Cambria fonts for the body text and headings - classic sans serif fonts that are comfortable to read in publications that are heavy on text.

Our final task was to compile a comprehensive index before sending completed digital files to the printer. The final book contained 372 pages plus a 12-page section of photographs.


As no printers in Bermuda are able to produce hard-cover books, the book had to be printed overseas. We selected CPI Publishing in the United Kingdom, an experienced and well-respected printer that specialises in competitively-priced, small-run publications as well as major bestsellers.  

The book was litho printed on 70gsm stock, with 150gsm gloss art for the laminated cover and 130gsm gloss art for the photo plates. The finished book was cased in Wibalin boards.

The final product was published in November 2013.